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The Breakout Room

Since the covid-19 pandemic took hold the world has had to find new and innovative ways to adapt and follow social distancing rules. This meant making use of alternative methods of face to face communication with the surge in access of teleconference facilities and platforms like Skype, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.  Out of all these facilities, I would say that Zoom is perhaps the one that has become the most popular because of its relative simplicity and convenience. Zoom can accommodate up to 100 participants or 500 with a large meeting add on as well as features that enable participants to separate into break out rooms.  You may have never heard of it but Zoom fatigue exists! And since the pandemic, it hasn't come as a big surprise that more people are reporting adverse symptoms associated with frequent and lengthy video calls.     How are Zoom meetings different from in-person meetings? Our brains can only do so many things consciously at once because we have limited working memor

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