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Let’s journal
“Through the Valley"

Dr William Wan will be sharing insights from his wealth of experience on Living and Leaving Well.

What better way to reflect on his wisdom than to record it down in a journal. So, let's start a habit of journaling the beautiful phrases that have touched your hearts.

There is no better time to start living and leaving well...

Create to Heal

Come and join us in our workshops where we will draw and paint, enjoy a cuppa tea and bask in the fragrance of lavender, cinnamon and peppermint essential oils

Create to Connect

Self-care is not selfish indulgence. Join us to create a deck of cards that you can send to friends on special occasions or to give special encouragement. And more importantly this is a chance for you to get creative through art. 

You will receive a self-care kit that include material to create unique and meaningful cards for yourself or loved ones.

To register, please whatsapp 9799 7276


For each of the programmes that you sign up for, you will receive a customized kit containing all the materials needed for the sessions. Do sign up early so that we can courier the materials right to your doorstep.

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