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Patchwork Series

The Patchwork Series introduces comfort and Indonesian Batik  Collage, Quilted Cotton Tote bags.

Indonesian batik collage, Quilted Cotton Tote Bags: This intricately stitched Cotton Quilted Women's tote bag is from Padang, Indonesia. The bag is plush-lined, padded all round including the handles. The bag can withstand heavy weight, and very comfortable to be carried on the shoulder. 

From conceptulization to its first birth in Padang, Indonesia, it took at least 4 to 5 weeks. This was after going through the skilled hands of 6 women with each specializing in these processes:

1. cutting of squares and rectangles

2. arranging the pre-cut fabrics into the desired combination

3. zig zag stitching and embroidery

4. quilting of fabric and the internal fabric, layering

5. embroidery and embellishment of floral details

6. handle straps and drawstrings for completion

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