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Let’s help to preserve the Peranakan culture! 

This is a limited keepsake tote bag measuring 34 cm x 45 cm with these words printed: The word Peranakan translates roughly to "locally born and bred", with the popular idea being that Chinese immigrants married locals, resulting in a unique culture with entirely new traditional beliefs, clothes and cuisine. Peranakan beaded slippers, also known as Kasut Manik, literally meaning "beaded shoes", is a type of shoe that dates back to the early twentieth century Malaya. It refers to beaded slippers worn by a Nyonya to complete her Sarong Kebaya outfit. The intricacy and fine workmanship of a pair of the beaded slipper is also a hallmark of highly accomplished Peranakan women, also known as Nyonya, whose skills in embroidery and beadwork are highly valued.

Beaded Shoes

SKU: © Violet Lee
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