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Revel in the nostalgia and memories of olden days by bringing home a classic handcrafted vintage rooster bowl or 公鸡碗.

Rooster bowls are synonymous with the history of the Chinese immigrants in Southeast Asia. The colourful painting of the rooster on the bowl is well-loved and evokes fond memories of delicious food from the past.  The peonies painted on the bowl represent a common Chinese saying – “花开富贵” which literally means the flowers blossom with richness or prosperity. In the 1960s, rooster bowls were sold for ten cents a piece. Thus, they were very common in every household. Eating together as a family and community meant a lot to the Chinese. They are used to serve rice, soups and even alcohol. They would also use these bowls to serve their guests as means of wishing them prosperity and good fortune.

Rooster Bowls

SKU: © Violet Lee
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