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About Our Founders

        Hi, we are Violet and Ai Lin. We both knew each other in secondary school and after journeying through life through the years, playing multiple roles all at the same time as a daughter, wife, mom, teacher, business owner, we both decided that now is the time for us to finally do something we really love.


Thus, the birth of InnerSpace Sanctuary. We sincerely hope that we can share our love for art to help bring back some colours, purpose and hope back into our homes.


We invite you to come join us.


Let’s create to heal, to connect, to build one another up.


          Violet Lee, mother of two adult boys, is a full-time student at LaSalle College of the Arts and a tutor. She enjoys painting in her leisure. Simplicity is her motto in life.

          Lim Ai Lin is a business owner in the field of factory automation; she divides her time between the US and Singapore each year. In her leisure time, she loves cooking, reading, travelling, hiking and crafting.

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